Suppp guys! Check out this new product that we have now – Serveat – Self Heating Steamboat (Instant Hot Pot)!

We have been seeing these kind of products around the major grocer, but there are something that we think we could do about it! We have been thinking, how about having it in local steamboat (hot pot) ingredients and local flavour for soup choice. And boom! Here come the FIRST Malaysia in house Self Heating Steamboat (Instant Hot Pot)! It is also the FIRST HALAL Self Heating Steamboat (Instant Hot Pot)!

What’s great about it? Only drinking water is needed for the preparation. Yup, you heard me right, drinking water ONLY. No fire, no gas, no electricity required. That’s how easy it is!

Here are the four different sets we have:
1) Fish Ball Set
2) Chicken Set
3) Beef Set
4) Seafood Set

Each set comes with the options of Bonito Soup (Clear Soup) or Tomyam Soup!

What are you waiting for? Get yours now from the link below and tag “” on your social media!

Check out the preparation method below!


Preparation Method

1. Adding the soup paste into white container




2. Fill the white container with drinking water and stir well.




3. Fill the black container with water (ROOM TEMPERATURE ONLY). Check the Heating Pad, and place it into the black container if it’s not damaged.




4. Place the white container into balck container and fastern the lid. It will be ready in 15 minutes!
(Do not cover the hole on lid, beware of hot steam)



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